1. A NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRASFERABLE deposit with the amount of 50% of your order including shipping is required in order to book a date. It is understood that your deposit holds that date and no other date. If a change in date is needed a new deposit must be paid in order to secure a new date.  2. Remaining balance of your order is due 2 weeks prior to your shipping date and/or pick up date. It is understood that you are responsible for paying your balance on or before that exact date and not a day later (If not previously discussed and placed in writing). A reminder will NOT be sent to remind you of your payment. It is to your knowledge and mine that if the balance isn’t paid then your order will NOT be filled.  3. There is a strict NO REFUND POLICY (unless I AGREE that the fault is mine). 
4. It is understood that, if you give me creative freedom and you are not satisfied with the end result…. NO REFUND will be given. 5. I ship to the address given when shipping is calculated; no other address and signatures are needed.
6. The only person that I will converse with and make changes to an order will be the person who contacted me and is in charge of payment.  7.The price quoted is good for 24hrs….
8. If you have booked a date already and flash sale occurs, the flash sale price will not apply to already booked orders.  9.PAYING A DESPOSIT MEANS YOU HAVE AGREED TO ALL THESES TERMS AND CONDITIONS!
• Orders are normally placed 3 months in advance • We use FedEx/USPS overnight delivery ONLY! • Shipping price depends on weight of items ordered and distance shipped from PARK FOREST, ILLINOIS to YOUR LOCATION (there is no set shipping price) • Balance due 2 week prior to pick up or shipping date • Some items are subject to pick up only, because of high level of damage possibility. • Months of October, November, December, January, February & March we guarantee the package (meaning if damaged due to weather conditions, we will refund you for your damaged items) • Months of April, May, June, July, August & September order at your own risk (meaning if items are damaged due to extreme weather conditions…WE ARE NOT LIABLE and NO REFUND or EXCHANGE WILL BE GIVEN) • IF  WE have shipped your package and FEDEX/USPS has delayed shipment due to extreme weather, natural disaster or another “Uncontrollable” event… We will not be liable for this Delay!!