I was always told nothing comes to a dreamer but dreams. I honestly took that statement to heart and decided to wake up and build a plan of action with it.

Being in management for over 20 years and learning to run a multimillion dollar company, I was able to learn just what it took to become an entrepreneur. And I was ready to step out on faith!

I put my love, talent, determination, hard work and best customer service into making my dream a reality. I was ready and excited to jump into the world with what I had to offer. After trail and error I was finally able to master a plan with a lot of research. 

Dulce By Dori was born through a vision, research, hard work and  determination. I was determined to become my very own Boss while creating a product that was amazing and something that I believed in.
“Never stop dreaming because you have 1 nightmare”

Dulce By Dori ~CEO